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paddle with a dog

5 years ago, when Stand Up Paddling was still in its infancy in Germany, we had already come to the dog. Already then we thought about how we can share our four-legged friends with our favorite hobby. First thoughts were spun, first equipment conceived.Now, many years later, SUP is the fastest growing watersport worldwide. 

The new season is already in the starting blocks and we are eagerly waiting for the temperatures to climb up again. In order to ensure that you are well prepared for paddling with your dog in the coming season, whether on the SUP, canoe or kayak, we have prepared a small checklist for you.

Checklist for Paddling with your Dog

To make the water experience equally relaxing for you and your dog, you should keep a few things ready:

1. Your water sports equipment (SUP, canoe, kayak)

To spend time on the water, of course, you need a kind of watercraft. Our favorite is the SUP (Paddle Board), but others may prefer to use the canoe or kayak. In our comments, we will refer to the SUP, but everything is 1: 1 for other water sports.(Of course, you need a paddle next to your board.) Sounds logical, but believe us, it's on the checklist!) 

You do not even have to own equipment, you can rent boards and boats in many places and only in rare cases our furry friend is not welcome. To be sure, you should still call and ask before. 

 If you are considering buying a board, consult with a specialist and ask explicitly about the options of bringing a dog with you. But the board should have a little bit more stability, because your dog will cause a little swell when he moves on the board. So the board in front of the stand should have a little volume and a certain width. Touring and all-round boards are ideal, but wave or even race boards are less suitable. It does not matter if you buy an inflatable SUP, an iSUP, or a hardboard. We would always recommend a hardboard because of higher security, stability and deployment viability, but we are also nerds. 

As Touringboard we can recommend the CIRCUS Liberty. It is 30 inches wide enough and stable to tilt and has 280 liters volume enough payload for your dog and additional equipment. Another advantage is the second luggage net at the stern, where you can stow things for you.

2. Life jacket for dogs

Lifejackets in the SUP sport have long been a topic of conversation. Safety fans challenge them, the nerd disturbs them while paddling, in some places they are obligatory and so on. 

We always carry a restube when paddling, so we are well served and can save others besides us. But this is not about us, it's about the safety of dogs. 

 Of course, every dog ​​can swim. But just when water sport is new for your dog, he can accidentally fall in and be frightened or shocked. It is sometimes not so easy to balance your puppy back on the board. Better safe than sorry!

A lifejacket for dogs should provide a good fit with many adjustment options. Stramm should sit, but not too tight. It should have signal colors and reflectors to see the dog well. A handle on the back to lift the dog on the board should not be missed.Lately, there are lifejackets for dogs, which meet all these criteria but also another option: They are looking cool. 

We saw the models Shark, Godzilla and Lobster and just had to add them to our shop. We purchase them directly from the manufacturer in the Far East and find them really great. Both in terms of safety criteria and processing, as well as the appearance. All that is missing is the characteristic music of the film classic "The Great White Shark". The life jackets are available in three sizes and cost 49,00 Euro including shipping. Of course, we also have a cheaper version on offer.

3. Dog leash to SUP

Another safety precaution is a leash for the dog. If you paddle relaxed on the river or lake, you can attach with the leash your dog in addition to the board. In stronger winds or waves, however, we strongly advise against it, as this will put you in danger. 

It is safer to have an extra leash on board to be prepared for all eventualities. Precisely because you already have to keep your balance on the board, an elastic part in the leash can dampen the first jolt. Too long a leash carries the risk of getting tangled up, especially when there is a current under an obstacle under water. It should be quickly engaged and released again and really be used only judiciously. 

Here we use a leash with an elastic bungee part and optional hip belt. Through the hip belt you also have your hands free. The leash can be quickly released from the hip belt in a dangerous situation via the Quick Release. In addition, the hip belt has a pocket, in addition to the leash also find even more details space. If you are not on the way with the SUP, you can also use the leash to jog with the dog.

4. Water

A thing that will be forgotten. Always take enough water for you AND your dog. Dogs get warm and they quickly dehydrate. On the river, lake or sea, you have no shade and the sun also reflects from the water.

5. Drinking bowl for water

Do not forget to bring a drinking bowl for the dog as well. It is quite useless to try to use your hand as a bowl and spill half of the precious wet on the board. We solved the problem quite wisely by transforming a toy into a shell. More about that under point 6.

6. Swimming dog toy

At some point the time comes when your dog wants to have fun and be challenged. And that's just fair, thank you for indulging in your hobby all the time. Be prepared and always have something to play with. Our favorite is a floating Frisbee also natural rubber. Flies well, swims, likes Wuffi and turned around she is also suitable as a drinking bowl.

7. Waterproof bag / Waterproof backpack

Some things you have with you should not necessarily come in contact with water. Car keys, wallet, cigarettes and so much more. There are waterproof bags and backpacks. Optimally, they can be hooked to the deck plugs of your luggage network. Here comes a second luggage net on the rear of your board to good, because the front claims the dog his place. We are currently testing our newly developed waterproof backpacks for the SUP and hope to be able to report more about them shortly.

8. Waterproof camera or phone case

Having a cell phone with you is always a good idea! Not to check a few emails on the way, but to call for help in case of emergency or to take some pictures of the excursion. For the latter offers an action camera or waterproof camera is a very good alternative. These defy the house out of the water and usually make better videos and pictures.One thing we had to learn painfully: waterproof does not mean that they also swim! Therefore, your case will always carry a shell for your waterproof phone and will give your actioncam a float.

9. Snacks and sweets

Paddling is a great workout for you and your dog. Take protein-rich snacks such as granola bars or protein snacks to keep your energy up. Also, do not forget to put some small treats on your verbeinigen friend! He needs energy just like us and burns calories even when he is standing or lying down, especially when he is new to the board.

10. Floating or cheap sunglasses and flip flops

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen. Neptune's collection of sunglasses is big, because at some point you lose your sunglasses. Therefore, we recommend you a floating sunglasses, or a cheap one. The same applies to flip-flops.
We use floating bamboo sunglasses. This is environmentally friendly in many ways, because Camus is a renewable resource and we are reluctant to buy disposable items

11. Towel or blanket for afterwards

In the end, the Puppy sure again into the water and in general, it can not be avoided. Therefore, always pack a blanket or a towel for him to rub it dry on the car. So that you do not get cold in the meantime, we recommend a surf poncho or our great surf porno, a fluffy blanket with a hood. This is not a typo. It's not a poncho, it's better - hence PORNCHO!

1. Your water sports equipment (SUP, canoe, kayak)

2. Life jacket for dogs

3. Dog leash to SUP


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